Sunday, September 27, 2009

WVTF's Weekend in Virginia Misinforms About VA Uranium Mining

Good grief! You'd think that as ensconced in Coles Hill as Va Tech is, they'd at least have the basic facts about the study right but they don't. Naturally, they don't have lots of other information right either. Frankly, this is a HUGE disservice to the citizens of VA and the supporters of VA's public radio. WVTF should be strongly encouraged to retract all of the misinformation and offer those of us with some understanding of the basic facts equal time to try to offset the damage WVTF has done.

Some of the "facts" reported are that the study has begun, that it's been paid for, that no one wanted to pay for the study within the state government (I know...sort of true, but we've been told it was a matter of no funding, not a matter of no desire) the mining will only be done in Pittsylvania Co, and the NAS is entirely professional and won't be swayed by politics or money.

Listen for yourself...and then send an email stating the correct info to Rick Mattioni, News Director, at or by calling him at (540) 989-8900.

To listen:

Uranium Mining in Pittsylvania County - 9.21.09

Our Weekend Virginia political bloggers exchange views on whether the General Assembly should lift the ban on uranium mining so a huge deposit in Pittsylvania County can be recovered.

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