Wednesday, October 7, 2009

South Carolina Depleted Uranium Shipments Set For Dec.

By BROCK VERGAKIS , 10.06.09

SALT LAKE CITY -- An official with a U.S. Department of Energy site in South Carolina says shipments of nearly 15,000 drums of depleted uranium slated for disposal in Utah are set to start in December - two months later than originally estimated.

The department estimated this summer that the low-level radioactive waste should start to move this month.

The delay may give Energy Secretary Steven Chu more time to consider a request from a Utah congressman to halt the shipments.

Savannah River Site spokesman Jim Giusti said Tuesday the DOE site is preparing to pack and load the roughly 10,000 metric tons of waste. The material will be shipped to EnergySolutions' disposal facility 70 miles west of Salt Lake City via rail car.

Giusti says the shipments will likely be completed by July.

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