Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Northrop Grumman Administrator: VA has nothing to fear from uranium

From our friends at "Virginia Energy Independence Alliance", the cleverly named group that's actually a play on the new name of the Santoy/VUI merger whose website, is the best spin and manipulation money can buy and a good PR firm can dream up, comes this little ditty.

I guess that when you're preparing for the day when you can perpetrate wreck and ruin upon everything within scores of miles, you don't want anyone to realize that while you're waiting. Sooo...what's an agent of death and destruction to do?

Spread lies, of course! On everything and everyone! You make yourself sound like the Messiah and those who oppose you like raving lunatics. You go far and wide to find folks who'll do your lying for you...making stuff up as they go long as the bad guys look like the good guys and the good guys look like the evil-doers. This letter below is a fine of the more outrageous we've seen in its degree of fantasy.

We all need to face the facts...uranium mining and milling are not safe and not advantageous to anyone save a few investors and perhaps a handful of peripheral players like PR agents, lobbyists, and those who will sign modern-day fairy tales to make them appear as sincere letters. It's only going to get more and more ridiculous in the days and months ahead...the "facts" will become the fantasies and the fantasies the facts.

Prepare yourself! It's going to be a bit like Alice as she stepped through the Looking Glass...nothing will be as it appears. It's important to remember, though, who's telling the truth...and can verify their stories through myriad respected sources: those anti-uranium advocates who Virginia Energy will continue to portray as "opponents spreading fear" (aka telling the hard, cold truth) and those pro-uranium advocates who will sing you to sleep with lullabyes of the goodness and wonder of radioactivity, illness, contamination and devastation.

You can continue to get your daily dose of "true truth" (honest facts backed up by science and history) here...I promise.

And now on with the show!

In a letter to the editor of the Virginian-Pilot, Mike Cohen - Virginia Beach resident and contract administrator with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - reassures Hampton Roads and Southside residents that they have nothing to fear from uranium mining in Pittsylvania County. Pittsylvania County is home to Coles Hill, the largest untapped uranium deposit in the U.S. Mr. Cohen tells residents that so much of the fear spread by opponents of mining the Coles Hill deposit is based on erroneous myths and complete fallacies that are easily invalidated by science.

Indeed, the premise that our water supply is in danger reflects an ignorance of the water chemistry and material characteristics of uranium and its related products, which make such long-distance transport virtually impossible…

Uranium is a naturally occurring component of soils, building materials and coal. It is already present in every source of our water supply, as well as our homes, office buildings and yards.

Radon, the decay product of uranium most frequently cited as a danger, is steadily emitted from the earth below us and accumulates in our buildings. The simple fact that we construct airtight buildings accounts for more human radon exposure than all of the mines in this country combined…

Finally, we are exposed to far more hazardous contaminants than uranium every day in [Hampton Roads]. Ships, trucks and trains carrying deadly chemicals come in and out of the port every day, many of which have the potential to contaminate our air and water supply in a severe accident. Yet we tolerate that risk because of the benefit to our economy.”

Mr. Cohen believes the development of the Coles Hill deposit will provide enormous economic benefits by creating as many as 1,000 new jobs and breaking our dependence on foreign energy.

So when you read in the coming months about Coles Hill, remember to keep the big picture. While there are potential risks with any large project, we stand to lose much more by leaving our natural resources in the ground.”

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