Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Can Count on What Walter Coles Says [Huh?? Oh, Dear!]

Two things, Mr. Geyer...

1) Who are you to call those opposed to uranium mining and milling in VA "ignorant obstructionists"? Aren't you the man who tried to stop the sewer lines from being laid in Chatham in the mid-1980's? Talk about obstructionist!

2) If Mr. Coles is to be believed on all matters, believed beyond question, then he needs to know immediately that his VUI and VUL buddies have lied and continue to lie to him about the hideous dangers of uranium mining and milling! Please...tell him ASAP that he's being fed a huge bill of goods re: the safety of the mining/milling operations and that he is unwittingly spreading these lies to his friends and neighbors, including you! We'll all anxiously await his press conference in which he'll explain that he has been grossly misled about the dangers and that they'll be ceasing and desisting all uranium-related activity at Coles Hill ASAP. OK? Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 10:07 AM EDT

For the last two years, I've listened to the renewed controversy over whether the Coles Hill uranium deposit should be developed.

It's the same sound and fury many of us had to endure 25 years ago.

What prompts me to speak up are these ridiculous attacks on Walter Coles.

While I don't claim any expertise on uranium mining, I do know something about Walter Coles.

I've known him since he was in my class at Chatham High School a long time ago, and I've kept up with him during all years since.

The one thing for sure is that you can count on what he says about anything.

From his combat tour in Vietnam to his business dealings as a farmer, Walter Coles is always marching to basic principles that we all should follow more seriously.

I am sickened when I hear these goofball attacks on his integrity by people who either do not know him or who are among that class of ignorant obstructionists who place their own petty wishes above the good of everyone else.

As long as Walter Coles and people like him are in the helm of Virginia Uranium, I say that we should push ahead full speed with the study.

With the recommendations from that study, we should commence developing this uranium deposit as soon as possible.

If ever we've faced a time of critical need for new money and new jobs, this is it.

We are lucky that this world-class resource is in the hands of a man like Walter Coles.

People need to get behind him and make this happen.

Kenneth Geyer


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