Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A quick guide to Tuesday’s primary

By Catherine Amos

Published in Danville Register & Bee
June 7, 2009

What is your position on uranium mining?

Creigh Deeds

"Energy independence is a matter of national and economic security. We’re going to need a mix of energy from all sources and I don’t think any option should be taken off the table until the science takes them off the table. When I lived in Danville after first graduating law school, one of the first groups I joined was the Southside Concerned Citizens, because my concerns about uranium mining in Pittsylvania are the same as they are today. Heavy annual rainfall creates a serious risk of radioactive tailings poisoning the water supply. I look forward to reviewing the upcoming study of these risks, but without scientific evidence to the contrary, I will remain opposed to mining uranium in Southside."

Brian Moran

"Our top priority has to be the safety and security of Virginia families. That’s why I have serious concerns about uranium mining in Virginia . I am especially concerned that the waste could contaminate rivers and streams and our water supplies. Unlike the other candidates for governor, I do not believe an industry-funded study will give us the answer. If we cannot show that uranium mining is safe through a truly independent study, we should not move forward. As governor, I’ll always be fighting for Virginia ’s families, to protect your health and safety."

Terry McAuliffe

"I will not support uranium mining if it is determined to put Virginians’ health or safety at risk. As governor, my first priority will be to protect the health and safety of Virginians. I want to ensure we have the best information on the health and environmental ramifications of uranium mining before we decide whether it could be done safely in Virginia . The Virginia Coal and Energy Commission recently commissioned a study on the subject, and I want that study to go forward."

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