Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top Obama Administration officials visit rural Virginia

July 19, 2009

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu were in Pittsylvania County to hear from Virginia's rural areas as part of the White House's "rural tour".

Vilsack and Chu discussed energy, agriculture and opportunities with residents at an open forum.

There were about 300 people at Buddy Mayhew's Farm in Blairs. Both Vilsack and Chu said it was a good experience to visit and say there is opportunity here.

"To be able to hear their stories, to understand their pain, particularly in rural areas, in the farming community, but I think they are pleased that we are aware of it and that we are trying to respond to it," said Secretary Vilsack.

"America has an incredible opportunity not 10 years from today or 20 years from today, but today and tomorrow to improve the wealth and the wealth in America to become our great agriculture resource," said Secretary Chu.

There are five more stops on the rural tour.

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