Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uranium Tearing County Apart

Chatham Star-Tribune

July 1, 2009

I grow weary of this constant belittling enveloping this county.

What happened to the days of "Hi Neighbor"?

We now have a large issue that makes most of us turn on one another. Over what? Money, jobs, maybe's.

Churches are torn apart, friendships are destroyed forever. Women cry and wring their hands. Many people don't know where to go or what to do.

The majority of people in this county do not want anything to do with this uranium! Check the numbers, please!

People write letters pro and con. Some say leave Walter Coles and Henry Bowen alone.

The people trying to stop this are non-progressive and trying to scare everyone.

Facts are facts. There is no safe processing mill in the world.

The people trying to stop this are not paid lobbyist giving out balloons to little children. These people are the backbone of this county, speaking for the majority of the county and trying to do whatever they can to save us all.

They are not big money people who buy what they want.

They are everyday people who bothered to educate themselves on uranium, who give their time, money and heart in trying to stop big money which once again is fooling the little guy into thinking they know what's best for us while they line pockets and spin their jargon of jobs and safety first.

When are we going to wise up and quit being puppets for the few and do what the majority of people want in their county?

Check the numbers, please!

Any man that causes harm (mental or physical) to so many people before what he wants is even off the ground is no man in my book.

You do not tear holes in churches. You do not turn neighbor against neighbor. You do not make grown women cry.

I don't care what the issue is. Moral upbringing, plain and flat should stop you in your tracks.

You are not excused for any of these things, no matter how much money you intend to give "your" church or think you can give to your community.

This is not about you, it is about us all. May God have mercy on your souls!

Check the numbers, please!

As for Smith Mountain Lake, how many people made money off of the lake, percentage wise throughout the county?

How many have died on Smith Mountain Lake? How many water battles have there been between Leesville Lake and Smith Mountain?

Finally, how many of you saw less taxes on your property because of the development on the lake?

What is Coles Hill really going to give you?

Check, the numbers, please!

Reality, not fantasy.

By the way, I believe in God, hunting, fishing. I do not throw thrash out my window, and I have never hugged a tree in my life!

Do I belittle? No, I speak from moral standards, love of neighbor.

Check the numbers, please!

Debra Towle


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