Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alternative Energy Plant in Liberty Co. Up and Running

by Mary Scott Speigner

July 31, 2009

Liberty County, Fla:

One plant in Liberty County is making their carbon footprint smaller.

The Telogia Power plant started back up this week after an almost two year break. More than 10 people who were laid off now have their jobs back.

The biomass plant in Hosford burns wood waste rather than coal like most power plants do to make our electricity. It has little to no carbon emissions.

“Some use coal, some use nuclear, we use wood to make steam,” said plant manager Jay Moon.

It takes wood waste from plants in the area and burns it to make steam. The steam is used to make to power.

“These companies that are making it…they need something to do with it…so we burn it,” said Moon.

There is a precipitator that takes the smoke from the wood burning and separates the ash and carbon out of it. So there are no emissions. It’s much cleaner than regular smoke.

The plant is one of only two biomass plants in the panhandle, but plants like this one are popping up around the country.

“Everybody’s getting on the bandwagon,” he said.

That’s because it fits the requirements of the energy bill floating through congress.

This plant is an example of what the bill is talking about. The house’s version of the bill requires electricity manufacturers to make 20% of their electricity from renewable sources like wood in this case and reduce carbon emissions by 17% by 2020. Both of these are accomplished with this plant.

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