Friday, August 14, 2009

Demonstrations In Helsinki And Tampere Against Uranium Mining

Citizens in countries all over the world are protesting proposed uranium mines. Apparently they're all asking for that one example of a safe mine operation...and getting no answer.

Anti-uranium mining demonstration 13.8.2009

Demonstrators in Helsinki protest plans for uranium mining in Finnish Lapland. Image: YLE

Protesters gathered in Helsinki and Tampere on Thursday to lend support to residents of Ranua, in Finnish Lapland, who oppose plans for uranium mining in the area.

The French energy group Areva has filed an application with the Ministry Employment and the Economy for a uranium mining claim at Ranua, just south of Rovaniemi. If granted, the claim would allow Areva to carrying out prospecting in the area.

According to a local activisit, Kaisa Kaikkonen, granting the claim could force residents of the area to live for decades in fear of the start-up of uranium mining.

"The drilling and digging in search of uranium are in themselves a risk for the natural environment and ground water. In addition, the further the project proceeds, the harder it will be to prevent the establishment of a uranium mine."

Police report that the demonstrations were peaceful, gathering a dozen people in Tampere and around 40 in Helsinki.

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Anonymous said...

More information about the demonstrations and backround + some ideas for actions.

Finland has got a reputation of being a country of high technology and "civilized" country. Even some of our officials admit that our mining law is "from the premodern times" being confirmed (but not changed) the last time on 1965. Multinational mining companies are now taking the advantage of the outdated law and good reputation - with the help of the Finnish Ministry of work and livelihood. Media and the politicians are really quiet about the issue - some people must be getting big money out of the business. Uranium mining is not safe 'even' in Finland. On the contrary: it threatens the vulnerable northern nature, health of the people and source of income of the people who are getting their livelihood of picking wild berries and herbs, reindeer husbandry and tourism.
We in the "Ranua Rescue Group" are trying to bring the issue into the public everywhere in Finland and also internationally. Many other countries all around the world are watching Finland's example on nuclear issues.Finland is also the only country in Europe building more nuclear reactors.
our e.mail address for comments, support and ideas: