Friday, August 7, 2009


Written by Shrewsbury, Holly

Gov. Bill Ritter today congratulated the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden for winning a $20 million grant to advance solar energy research in an effort to forge new frontiers in achieving energy independence.

The NREL grant is funded largely by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is part of a $377 million program targeting 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers across the country. The grants were announced today by Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

"Congratulations to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for securing another Recovery Act grant that will support growth and advancements in the New Energy Economy," Gov. Ritter said. "NREL is a critical component of Colorado’s energy sector and this grant is the latest example of how the state is being recognized for its work to create jobs and advance energy technologies.”

The new grant will go to NREL’s Center for Inverse Design and will be used to replace trial-and-error methods used in the development of materials for solar energy conversion with an inverse design approach powered by theory and computation.

The Recovery Act devotes $154 billion to energy, infrastructure and science projects nationwide to help push the economy in a new direction and to support efforts to create a sustainable energy industry. The Governor’s Energy Office is implementing a series of programs to use Recovery Act dollars to create jobs, support business and advance the state’s New Energy Economy.

For more information about the Recovery Act, go to . To view a complete list of grant recipients, go to .

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