Monday, November 2, 2009

Letter: Sen. Creigh Deeds ( Martinsville Bulletin)

Folks, your election is tomorrow. The future of Virginia is in the balance in a way it never has. McDonnell has said he favors uranium mining. At least Deeds is willing to hold off an opinion until more is known about the dangers. The safety and beauty of the Commonwealth cannot be a loose gamble...uranium is forever.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

As a candidate for governor, I’ve laid out a comprehensive plan to meet our future energy needs and reduce Virginia ’s dependence on foreign oil. This means pursuing a range of alternative and renewable energy options, ranging from wind power to clean coal technology to nuclear power. Investments in alternative and renewable energy will create jobs, attract the best and brightest minds to Virginia , and lead to a brighter future for the Commonwealth.

Right now we have a moratorium in Virginia on mining uranium, the fuel used in nuclear power plants. While I believe nuclear power should be part of a comprehensive approach to energy here in the commonwealth, I also strongly believe that the moratorium on uranium mining should remain in place until scientists determine that uranium mining does not pose a risk to the health and safety of any Virginian.

The climate of Southside Virginia poses particular challenges to the safe mining of uranium. Because it often rains, there is a risk that radioactive material produced by uranium mining and processing could leach into groundwater. If such leaching occurred, it could contaminate water supplies and endanger Virginians all over Southside, from Danville to Virginia Beach . I will not let this happen on my watch as governor.

Before considering uranium mining and processing here in Virginia , we should await the results of a nonpartisan, scientific study on its potential risks. As important as alternative energy sources are to our future, protecting the health and safety of all Virginians must remain our paramount concern.

As your governor, I will ensure that our energy future is not only plentiful and clean, but also safe for all Virginians.

Sen. Creigh Deeds
Bath County

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