Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Our Wonderful Readers and Followers...

We are putting the blog on an indefinite hiatus. Currently there are two other great blogs covering the uranium issue in Southside and the Commonwealth pretty much exclusively and two other blogs that address the issues involved quite frequently. Thus it appears that much of what's done here will be duplicating others' efforts.

We appreciate your contributions, suggestions, and comments and, if need be, we will return in the future. Until then, we invite you to visit the following:

League of Individuals for the Environment, Inc.

Virginia Against Uranium

Concerns and Delights

Appomattox's Posterous

The links in the side-bar to other uranium-oriented blogs will remain active so that you can visit from here to there.

We continue to be dedicated to the cause of preventing uranium mining at Coles Hill and throughout Virginia. However, at this time, our energies will be devoted to another avenue.

We hope to see you again in the future!

In solidarity,

Smidgen & Co.


acethecat said...


We are going to miss you but good luck in the future!

I hope you leave your blog on Google because I sometimes refer back for the information!

Ace (dd)

Smidgen said...

Thanks so much, Ace! We'll be watching and reading your blog and your entries on LIFE's blog too. You're doing a great job!

Things will heat up again, of that we can be sure, and so we're leaving the door wide open to the possibility of returning. All of our posts will remain.

Please keep the light on for us, OK?