Sunday, April 26, 2009

Editorial: Virginia Museum Natural History Awards Are Honors

)Congratulations to the Dan River Basin Association and to all the recipients of this Award!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Virginia Museum of Natural History’s Thomas Jefferson Awards

are the only awards of their kind to be offered in Virginia. They are unique

in that they are related to the former president and his work as

one of the earliest naturalists in Virginia and the nation.

The awards were presented Wednesday to six people,

companies and organizations to honor their support of

and contributions to natural history.

Recipients were Dr. Cleveland P. Hickman Jr., professor

emeritus of biology at Washington and Lee University;

Anne Boschen Wright,coordinator of life sciences outreach

education at Virginia Commonwealth University;

Boxley Materials Co. for,especially, donating and delivering

a 6-foot stromatolite, the first intact one found in Virginia;

long-time volunteer Ward Littlefield; the Dan River Basin

Association,which promotes ideas of the museum through

its numerous projects;and the Martinsville Bulletin,

for its coverage of the museum since its inception in 1984.

These people and organizations are dedicated to preserving,

enhancing and reporting on the state’s natural resources, and

each recipient noted that it was an honor to be given

a Jefferson award.

We thank the museum for sponsoring these awards and recognizing

the work being done around Virginia to learn from its past and protect its future.

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