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From Exploration to fuel production, this documentary relates the contamination, water consumption, waste generation, costs to the American taxpayer through government subsidies, health impacts,and the CO2 emissions that are caused by the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Each phase has its own devastating impact on the environment and the surrounding population, from socio-economic to health and safety. This film takes a deeper look into the facts that are, all too often, left unsaid.

America is going "Down the Yellowcake Road," but given this information, shouldn't we ask the necessary question: Is this what we really want?

Why We Made This Documentary

The full spectrum of the Uranium Industry and Nuclear Fuel Production has not been a part of the “Green” debate. We are addressing this lack of disclosure. Besides the Carbon Emissions, there is widespread toxic and radioactive contamination left behind. Water usage associated with nuclear power generation is exorbitant.

As the nuclear industry lobbies legislators and government agencies, they influence laws, regulations, and budgets. Their persuasive advertisements claim this energy is "Green." The entirety of the Fuel Production Cycle for reactors is never mentioned. Legislators are not made aware of contamination affecting people and the environment across the United States. The public is not aware of hidden costs, cracks in our protective regulatory systems, and the enormous government subsidies for construction of power plants and eventual clean up that comes at taxpayer expense.

What is GREEN about the URANIUM Industry that produces the fuel for NUCLEAR Power Plants? The answer is NOT-A-THING. The only stage that is somewhat "green" is when the Power Plant is producing electricity. However, coal-fired power plants take over when a nuclear plant is off line.

Communities around the United States and the Globe are under siege from proposed operations by the Nuclear Energy Industry. Often their voices are not heard. Beyond the lawsuits and cleanups, what is the real toll? County governments, in many cases, try to regulate what they don’t fully understand: risks to the population, and dangers of long-term contamination and waste management. Communities are left to respond to overwhelming lobbying forces from the Uranium Industry who have nearly unlimited funding, government subsidies, and long-entrenched lobbyists.

Our goal is to present the side of the story that goes untold, so that people will know when they flip the light switch, that this decision comes at a large cost to our land and to the American taxpayer. Our hope is that this documentary will provide information that will allow citizens to make a more educated decision about their energy future.

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