Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reasons Why the Uranium Mine Moratorium Must Stand

You'll want to read this most interesting article. Its author, Linda Goin, raises some pertinent questions, including whether the exploratory drill holes at Coles Hill violate Virginia's mining moratorium. She makes excellent points...points that deserve further consideration.

Linda has lived near Uravan and Moab in Colorado. She's seen the devastation uranium mining causes up close...way up close. She has a familiarity with hydro-geology most of us don't have. Her words bear reading.

She promises future articles on the proposed Coles Hill project. Her blog, Appomattox Posterous, and her news site, Appomattox News are linked to this blog in the upper right side-bar. Take a her commentary. I think you'll find her words thought-provoking.

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