Friday, May 1, 2009

Mining a good idea [?!]

There's sooo much education yet to be done in Southside.

No one will be buying any's already owned or leased by the small handful of people who stand to profit from it.

Mining Coles Hill will not bring jobs...right now, there are only 321 uranium mining jobs in the entire US. Businesses are not going to locate in the shadow of a uranium mine. Look at other places in the country where mines have come and gone. So have the towns.

It will not be great for the community...real estate sales are already hurting (and not just because of the general economy). Real estate agents must inform prospective buyers that a uranium mine could be located nearby. See above statement about businesses.

The mine will not be built, it will be dug and blasted. Deeply. One pound of yellowcake/ore requires blasting/digging/pulverizing 2 tons of rock. If, as VUI estimates, there are 110 million pounds of ore under Coles hill, then they'll need to pulverize 220 million tons of rock. That's going to be one h-u-g-e hole...and a massive amount of radioactive sand to blow to Kingdom Come.

By Published by The Editorial Board

Published: May 1, 2009

To the editor:

Regarding the plan to mine uranium on Coles Hill, I believe it is a good idea. There have already been people from Australia trying to buy that land and we have people right here that are willing to do it.

This mining would bring jobs and tax revenue and would be great for our community. I’m sure it can be done safely and I hope it gets built.


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