Thursday, May 14, 2009

Virginia Energy's Tremendous Push for Uranium Mining Sells Out Southside

Oh, my God!! Virginia Energy, an energy coalition, has jumped on the "mine, baby, mine" bandwagon with both feet! Whew! Scare tactics, misinformation, half-truths, major-league spin...all timed to coincide with the Study Commission's meeting next week This video specifically talks about the uranium deposit in Pittsylvania County and how mining it will save Virginia! It even shows the lane into Coles Hill, Register & Bee headlines`and local unemployment statistics,. It calls on folks to support the mining study!! Virginia Energy is selling out Southside!

Southside, we have one week to get the rest of the Commonwealth on board the anti-uranium mining train...the mining study is going to focus on, and eventually open, the entire state to mining and at this point, most of Virginia is being portrayed as either disinterested or mining-friendly. That message really has to change...FAST.

Take a's simply incredible!

From the video's tag on YouTube...
"America is too dependent for its energy on unstable, even adversarial countries like Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. This puts America's national security and energy future at risk. Virginia's abundant, untapped supplies of vital energy resources can be part of the solution and will create thousands of new jobs. Find out more at"

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Anonymous said...

Working inside the Virginia gov't will get you mined, they want the money, pure and simple!

We need to demand our Local leaders to protect us with an ordinance to ban uranium mining & milling!!

I do not want to hear about Dillion's Rule, well maybe I do, we need to get rid of Dillion's Rule by bringing this up front and center to with the guys running for Governor.

I do not like the idea that the State of Virginia rules our lives by not letting our local leaders to protect us.

We have the right to demand our state to become a Home Rule State now;therefore, our local leaders will protect us.