Sunday, May 24, 2009

No money worth destroying air, water

From the Chatham Star-Tribune
May 20, 2009

This is a reply to a letter to the editor by Frank Cole from Sheva (Hats off to Virginia Uranium).

His statement that VUI said if mining and milling can't be done safely, it won't be done at all, is untrue.

If it was true, VUI and Mr. Coles would have told me that my drinking water had became unsafe to drink during their test drilling.

They got copies of my test just like I did. I wonder if they even looked at them.

VUI has all these high-paid people that don't care about my water, because if it did get contaminated by the drilling, they might lose their jobs.

You stated before the study even started the naysayers declared it bogus and publicly accused the Uranium Mining Sub-Committee of taking bribes. You said this is untrue.

Mr. Frank Cole, you and the rest of VUI members need to check the facts at

Since the naysayer brought this out, two of the sub-committee members admitted taking donations from VUI or the lobbyists they pay.

You also stated that in the next decade the supply for domestic energy will nearly double.

So why is it Mr. Walter Coles and VUI investors are spending all their time and money on uranium mining and milling.

They only have enough ore to last the United States for two years and it will take 30 or 40 years to get it out of the ground. That is a lot longer than 10 years, don' you think?

If Mr. Walter Coles or VUI were really concerned over the energy crisis, they would have invested their time and money on alternate energy.

They have 3,000 acres. How many solar panels or wind mills would that handle?

They could be up and running long before 30 or 40 years and would keep on producing energy for more than two years, and it would not harm the environment.

VUI, Mr. Walter Coles, and the sub-committee "cannot" guarantee that there won't be an accident at the mine or mill that could harm the environment and our way of life in Pittsylvania County.

Mr. Frank Cole, you did not mention that your wife works for VUI. Could that be the reason for your letter?

I wrote this letter because my water is contaminated, and I love this county, and no money is worth destroying life, water, air, or any living thing.

Allen Gross


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