Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sewage Sludge: Yesterday’s Meals from NY/NJ Coming to Campbell County?

This is an interesting entry on the "Off K Street" blog. The entire piece can be found here:

This snippet is especially unsettling because it points out apparent legislative sloppiness and short-sheeting when funding another hazard sudy:
Treated sewage sludge as fertilizer? Well, if farmers and gardeners use cow and chicken manure then why not use human treated bio-solid waste as fertilizer? This was the general premise behind the formation of a Virginia General Assembly legislative panel to study and determine if treated sewage sludge was safe for use as fertilizer on farms. According to today’s Editorial in the Lynchburg News Advance, this was the intent but again it seems the General Assembly, in their infinite wisdom, didn’t provide enough funding for the study to answer questions about potential affects to water quality, the food chain, and potential human health problems.

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