Sunday, May 24, 2009

Uranium mining could help reduce taxes

I too am retired and on a fixed income. I don't like taxes either. But in my spare time, I've looked at every resource available to me to find evidence of just one "safe" uranium mine anywhere in the world. There is none. Why would anyone be so naive as to presume that the world's very first "safe" U mine will be at Coles Hill? Wake up, Mr. Shelton...the possibility of somewhat lower taxes versus thousands of generations of contaminated air, water, wildlife, crops, etc. and cancer-ridden humans, including children. And you're choosing this gamble to save yourself a few dollars?

From the Chatham Star-Tribune

Before these noisy anti-everything folks run off this multi-billion dollar uranium project, I'd like to point out what a great development this can be for our whole region.

It can provide solutions to the multitude of troubles that have an impact on us all.

Like a lot of people, I am retired and on a fixed income.

I worked hard throughout my life, saved money, and invested it I what seemed to be stable enterprises with little risk.

It turned out that no matter how stable you thought your investments were, they took a terrible beating in the recent economic collapse.

I know I've lost a good portion of my life's savings.

I'm too old for a new job in a mining industry, but I'm not too old to have to pay these skyrocketing taxes our supervisors keep piling on us.

These uranium people are eager to pay county taxes of all sorts, and this would be the biggest corporation we've ever had.

We need to tell them to come on and get started.

That is the smart way to reduce the tax burden on us all-especially those of us on fixed incomes.

In other words, let's tax the ones who have money instead of those of us who don't have money.

And with all the new jobs, there will be more money in our local economy and the tax burden will be spread among more people.

I'm glad the state is going to study the safety issues of uranium mining, but I can guarantee you one thing: No matter how safe it is, this crowd yelling about the dangers will just keep on yelling.

My view is that if we can get a man to the moon and back safely, we can sure extract one of God's natural resources and put it to use for mankind.

Philip Shelton


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