Monday, February 23, 2009

U209 uranium Symposium to Address Issues on Mining and Processing

The U209 conference will touch on all the challenges, developments and phases related to uranium mining and processing. It will bring together professionals in the fields of mining, processing, exploration, permitting, and health and safety along with business leaders, experts in the world uranium market, and government officials involved in regulation and permitting.

The symposium will be held on the 9-13 May 2009 at the Keystone resort, located in the scenic Rocky Mountains, a two-hour drive from Denver International airport. The technical program will encompass many industry topics and case studies. It will include three workshops, aimed at improving the participants’ technical expertise and there is also an opportunity to sign up for a field trip.

Topics that the symposium will cover include:

  • The business side of uranium
  • Exploration techniques
  • Geophysics & geochemistry
  • Mining and processing
  • Project case studies & updates
  • Restoration, reclamation & hydrology
  • Environmental health & safety
  • Permitting and regulatory affairs
  • Socio-economic impacts - sustainability planning
  • Human resources efforts to attract new professionals.

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