Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Uranium Mining Resolutions

By John Crane

Published: February 18, 2009

Gretna’s and Hurt’s resolutions call for the study to include six criteria:

The study must thoroughly evaluate public risks resulting from natural events, such as floods, and assess whether mining and milling can be done safely.

The study must be open to the press and public.

The respective towns, being close to Coles Hill, must be included as active participants in the study process with a representative from each town.

The study must be conducted and its conclusions determined by qualified experts independ-ent of the mining industry, such as the National Academy of Sciences, and any state commission providing the study.

A peer-review group independent of the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission and the Vir-ginia Center for Coal and Energy Research must be established to monitor and review the study.

The study must be adequately funded given time for completion.

The town’s resolutions will be sent to their respective Congressional and General Assembly delegations.

Pittsylvania County requests an independent study and that the commission determine in its study that no damage or harm will be done to “Pittsylvania County, its businesses, institutions, environment and its citizens by uranium mining, as opposed to a cost-benefit approach to this issue or simply accepting minimal damages.”

The county’s resolution will be presented to the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission’s Uranium Subcommittee or “study group.”

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