Sunday, March 15, 2009

Map of Water Systems Endangered by Mining Coles Hill

This map is a real eye-opener. It shows the properties near Coles Hill formerly leased by Marline (which are possibly/presumably under current lease by VUI). And it shows, quite clearly, the water's path from Coles Hill to the Atlantic Ocean...through the Bannister River, the Dan River, Kerr Lake/Resevoir, Lake Gaston...all the water systems. Please do take a look!

The map will open through an Adobe Reader. If it opens smaller than you'd like, you can adjust the size on the Reader up past 500%. Just click on the + button until you get the size you want.

The map was created by Piedmont Environmental Council for presentation purposes only. Data source: Pittsylvania County. Although efforts have been made to verify data, accuracy is not guaranteed.

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