Monday, March 23, 2009

McAuliffe on Uranium Mining: Wait For The Study

RICHMOND, Va. - Democrat Terry McAuliffe wouldn't say whether he'd back uranium mining in Virginia as he expanded what he calls his business plan for the state.

One of three gubernatorial hopefuls battling rivals Brian Moran and state Senator Creigh Deeds, McAuliffe said he'd await the results of a study on health and environmental effects of the proposed mine near Chatham.

When asked whether Virginia Uranium Inc., which stands to make billions from mining, should pay for the study, McAuliffe had no objection to it.

The former Democratic national chairman also said he had no problem accepting about $130 million in federal stimulus cash for enhanced Virginia unemployment benefits.

Opponents say it would create a permanent entitlement that Virginia employers would have to pay more to fund after the federal money is gone.,0,7928987.story

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